About "The Gunroom"

German Diethei -
Hunter and Gatherer

It all started with Australia. Hunting adventures on water buffalo in the Northern Territory and first contact with English hunting weapons. Besides the travel company Australia Tours I have built up “The Gunroom” over the years. My primary interest is the history of English hunting weapons and their manufacturers. Over the years I have been able to broker some unique hunting weapons.




Of particular interest was a double rifle by Purdey in .450 BPE caliber made for Edward VII, Prince of Wales, around 1870 and intended as a guest gift for the Nizzam of the Decan in India. I was able to locate this rifle at a quaint gunsmith in Sydney. Another highlight was a pair of Boss guns made for former English Prime Minister Arthur Chamberlain in 1911. Close cooperation with the manufacturers from England is a prerequisite for me to be able to assess the individual guns as far as value and originality are concerned. Over the years, my clients have also found that English hunting guns are a prime investment.

Van Diemen Gulf, Australia